Website health check — special deal

Regular website health checks are essential. Without them, your website will eventually stop doing what it should.

It’s a service we offer, if you’d like help keeping your site working smoothly.

Think of it like your car’s WOF or annual service but without the inconvenience of having to drop if off anywhere!

We call it the WebWof. It costs just $65 (plus GST) and we recommend one every six months.

Why a health check?

All websites need to be regularly checked to ensure they are:

  • virus-free
  • effective with search engines
  • working correctly (no broken links, missing pages and images, spelling and grammar mistakes, etc)
  • current with your latest business info
  • current with good web practice

A website with out-of-date or stagnant info and broken parts gives the impression you may not provide good service or simply can’t be bothered too much!

How it works

WebWof is a six-monthly, full check of your website.

For $65 (plus GST), here’s what we do:

  1. We confirm that your contact details, services and prices are all still correct. We update any of these items that are out of date.
  2. We check that the site’s ‘under the hood’ framework and modules have the latest versions. We update everything that is not the latest compatible version.
  3. We check that all the site’s links and images still work. We fix any that are broken.
  4. We supply a report of every remedial action we carry out on your site during the health check.

We’ll also check if you want anything new added to the site. We can suggest possible new content based on any recent developments in your business and industry that you tell us about.

  • We’ll charge $30 to add any new content to the site. (Content is supplied by you but we’ll edit it and rewrite it to make it read well and to help attract search engines.)
  • Extra charges apply if you ask us to create content.
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