Media and press releases

Free publicity

A great way to get a free hit of highly visible marketing is to appear in an article your local newspaper.

We have a lot of experience pitching stories to media. We can work with you to find an angle your local paper could be keen to use. We can then write the article for you, if required. 

Case study: Here’s a case study of some great media attention for a winning Foxton bakery.

The good thing about local media is that they always want to support local businesses. If you are doing something new, special or different your local media will generally be keen to hear about it.

If you operate in a specialised field, then niche media relevant to your business could also be interested.

Alternatively, if you spend some hard-earned cash and buy an advertisement in your local paper, they will often be happy to publish a story to go with the ad.

In that case, since you are paying, you do not need to come up with a new, special or different idea. You can simply give them a piece about the services you offer and it will appear in the paper somewhere near your advertisement. We can write your article to give maximum marketing impact.

Press releases

Sometimes you will have news you just want to get out as widely and quickly as possible.

Good social media outreach is one avenue.

Writing a press release and sending to appropriate news outlets is another.

A press release lets you frame your story the way you want to and in a way that is best for your organisation.

Newsrooms are busy places and a good ‘newsy’ press release can sometimes be run verbatim in local newspapers if space needs to be filled.

Writing press releases and liaising with media are core skills here at Mighty Atom Marketing.

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